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Your Purpose on Earth:: How To Locate It

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Self Growth          2772 Views         (May 17, 2017)

 Your Purpose on Earth:: How To Locate It

Nothingness, emptiness, meaninglessness, worthlessness and purposelessness are the exactly qualifying words for most people across societies in the world; from the historical past to contemporary present. One could have thought that the words could only be expressing the reality among the low people, men and women of low worth, or low status in the societies. However, it is not strange to discover that even among the elites - politicians, business moguls, professionals and religious leaders; it is no longer uncommon to hear words like, "If I had known' I wouldn't have joined them", "If I had known, I would have began early" among other statements. In short, regretful words are gaining more ground than ever among various people in our societies.

The question that begs for answer is now that, "Did the LORD plan it to be like that?", "Did the LORD purpose men and women for empty or meaningless living?" The answer I am sure is NO! Nothing and no one was brought forth into this earth for nothing. If you may, Let me ask you, "Do you think creatures like Tilapia, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Whales, Rabbits, Lions, Monkeys, Sun, Wind, Water, Earth and Trees are existing for NOTHING?"

For me, I believe that they are existing for a purpose known to God. I believe because, the fact that these creatures have NAMES that we call them, is a pointer to their UNIQUENESS, and their uniqueness is a pointer to their purpose.The world is not lacking in biologically fruitful men and women (Politicians, Pastors, Teacher, Doctors, Engineers, Architects and Nurses among others); however, the essence of men and women is not limited to their biological fruitfulness alone. Have you seen or heard of families (couples) that gave birth to children; but ended up regretting their births. I am quite sure that you and I have not been brought to the earth to just conceive ideas or children; I also believe that the solution to the feeling nothingness, emptiness, meaninglessness, even after given birth to children an birthing several businesses and organizations is not tied all that.

The point is, being busy is not the same with being effective....It is possible to be busy, but guilty.It is not about you just doing as few things; you must locate and stay on what you were born to do. A whale fish could try to do many things; but until it finds a large water to takeover and express its potentials; it will never feel fulfilled. You could be thinking about doing many things, but your satisfaction can only come from your purpose for being here. If I may ask, "Does a lion derive a sense of purpose from you and I?" If the answer is no, why then do you expect other people to help you guess why you were born?

 I discovered that everything that has NAME, is UNIQUE; and everything that is unique has a PURPOSE. Mosquitoes, Tilapia, Tigers, Sun, Wind and Water among other things are UNIQUE; hence, they have a purpose for being. You also have a name, it may be a pointer to your purpose; however, what God CALLS you, is the surest pointer to your PURPOSE. Having all the money in this world will not replace your purpose; and becoming the most famous man or woman will also not replace your purpose. However, it is only the fulfillment and the pursuit of your purpose that can chase the feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, meaninglessness and purposelessness far from your life.

You are indeed created for something. It is so UNIQUE and DEFINITE that I don't know about it. Do you know why God does not tell everyone about your purpose? He hides your purpose from people to preserve your life! Your purpose your only reason to be envied by others. You think you are NOBODY today, discover your purpose and begin to pursue it from few years time.....NOBODY will be bold enough to call you a NOBODY! Your purpose is your peculiarity and your passport for being a celebrity......Embrace your purpose.....Find it out from God....being to walk in the life and work of your purpose.....and you will soon emerge a STAR...Too big to be disregarded! I believe in your PURPOSE! What about you?

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Your Purpose on Earth:: How To Locate It
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