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The Leadership Call Pt.2: Following The Right Pattern for Effectiveness

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Leadership Growth & Development          291 Views         (Jun 13, 2018)

  The Leadership Call Pt.2: Following The Right Pattern for Effectiveness

This article began with The Leadership Call Pt.1: Responding To Your God-Given Ability, NI will advive that you start from there before reading this. Thanks.


Now that you have understood and acknowledged the leadership over your life, there is therefore a pattern to follow afterwards. In verse two of that Scripture, God told the people to look at Abraham their father. Don't forget that the children of Israel came from Abraham and Sarah. So, that gives us a comprehensive and holistic source of where they came from. God now says they should look at Abraham, how He called him alone and blessed him and increased him. And that is a pattern of every leadership call!

            The leadership call of God is a call that can come to you individually, at any time or moment, it can come to you when you are a youth, or even when you are insignificant; even when you do not know much. It is a call that can come to you in any state, you could be alone, there may be no good about your life; you may have no result to show for anything. You may have no money in your bank account, that call can come to you. The call, when you receive it with commitment and you are faithful to the caller, you are blessed by God. And so, what you lay your hands on is blessed, the work of your hands prospers, creativity start following and people start seeing grace in manifestation in you.

            It is because when you were called, you came all out to fulfill the call of God. And because of that, the blessing of the Lord rests upon your life. Although God said He called Abraham alone, but we can see that the blessing is not for him alone, it spreads. The call leads to blessing and it leads to increase. So, God increases your leadership and influence simply because you are committed to the call - from when it was only you, and now, God has increased you. I believe that as we meditate over these words, we would understand more about the call unto leadership and the call of leadership. It is not a call to doing nothing, it's a call to doing great things. It is not a call to satisfy your belly, it is a call to meet the needs of nations.

            It is a call about others and for others. It is a call that intends to please God and to seek God, it is a call of God to His purpose at all times. And so, it is important that if you desire to respond to the call and desire to even be called, you must have the right perspective. It is not a call to sitting down and relaxing, it is a call to following after righteousness. That Scripture in Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness...". The leadership call is a call to seeking first the Kingdom of God, and the righteousness of that kingdom; it's a call to seeking the Lord and pleasing Him. As you respond to that call from now, I pray that the grace of God be multiplied unto you. You will walk in an unusual measure of grace in your generation and men and women will be blessed through your response to the call of God on your life.

            Nations and generations yet to come will remember your name as that man and woman that yields the call of God. The Scripture recorded of David that after he has served the will of God for his generation, he fell asleep. This should be your desire as well, fulfilling the will of God in your generation, with no regrets.

Thank you for reading.

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 The Leadership Call Pt.2: Following The Right Pattern for Effectiveness
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