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The Law of Potential: You Have Something You May Not See Yet

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Self Growth          2420 Views         (Aug 01, 2017)

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 The Law of Potential: You Have Something You May Not See Yet

We live in a world of reality, what is real is what we can see and handle. If it cannot be seen, it is not real, neither is it existing. However, some people have also realized that there is so much more than what can be seen or handled by anyone or people or nation. In fact, no scientist have claimed to have seen oxygen that we are told our breathe look like. Scientists cannot see it, yet they do not disregard it. Much more than oxygen, there are uncountable things or virtues or valuables in existence that no man have seen before.

Let me be more direct please, among the uncountable things or valuables or virtues that has not been seen yet by anyone, people or nation is you! You may think that you are visible yet, but I disagree a little! You are not yet visible, and you have not been discovered yet. There is so much more about you that even you have seen; therefore, you are more unseen than seen.

What is potential? The shortest explanation of the word potential is, "capable of being, but not yet in existence." It could also be described as, "latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness." Another word for latent is hidden or inherent. Hidden qualities or abilities are also unseen abilities or qualities: for whatever is hidden cannot be seen. As I said, you are among the numerous (countless) creations of God that has not yet been seen by men or women, no matter your country or current exposure. See what the Bible says, "For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God." (Romans 8:19)

You may be thinking that the sons of God are some special beings or creatures somewhere; and if that is your thought, you are right! The sons of God are special beings and creatures. They are so special and peculiar that their likes have not been fully seen on the earth. They are so special and peculiar that each one of them is unique and peculiar. However, I will shock you that you are also one of the numerous sons of God, the like of which has never been seen before.

I may be seen by you as someone who loves to flatter; however, I know that you are one in trillions of God's creation - you are not even one in a million. You are so special and unique that you have not even seen what you can become. You are not yet revealed, there is so much more inside of you yearning for manifestation. You have so much power and honor resident inside of you. You are a strong and great person. Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, South Korea or whichever nation you are, have not seen a man or woman like you. You are a man or woman going somewhere some time to happen.

What is inside of you is bigger than what is outside of you. In fact, what God created you for (your circle or sphere of function) is bigger than your current job or passion. You can be bigger, better and greater than you are currently. You only need to believe and get to know God your Maker. He will guide you into your future without faults or decay. Become a lover of God today, invite Him into your life and ask Him to propel your life unto His designed destiny for you. 
I hope to hear or read your testimony, stay refreshed in the Lord. I am Gboyega Adedeji! 

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The Law of Potential: You Have Something You May Not See Yet
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