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The ABC of Holy Living: How To Dominate Sin

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Self Growth          1582 Views         (Sep 29, 2017)

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 The ABC of Holy Living: How To Dominate Sin

The most asked questions among many believers across denominations, nations and generations are, "Can a man really be holy on this earth?", "Can a man become perfect?". I fact, while many ask these questions, quite a good number of people have already formed a perspective or doctrine of no man can be holy; neither can anyone become perfect. While their thoughts are real, I understand that it is one thing for one to think there is a way, it is one thing for one to think there is no way; and it is another thing for one to tell himself or herself that there should be a way - therefore, reinforcing the truth that when or where there is a will, there is a way.

If you fall down and you tell yourself that you cannot stand up, no one will force you up. And if you fall down and you tell yourself that it is not easy for you to stand up, you might get help. However, if you fall down and you tell yourself that you need help to stand up, you will most surely get help. In reality, what we experience is what will think we should experience. A slave is not suddenly a slave, he or she becomes a slave overtime. If you think differently over time, even with chains on your hands, you might become a master.

The devil knows that we can become perfect like our God in heaven - even on earth; and he knows that we can be holy just as He (God) is holy. However, his joy is to keep us in a state of doubt or confusion over what is permissible and what is possible. Falling down is permissible, even as living a holy life is possible. Don't forget, the Scriptures says that the righteous man could fall down seven (7) times, yet he or she will rise up again. Even a man or woman could life a holy life on earth, just as the Father does in heaven. The question then is, "How can I live a holy life here on earth?"

You see, things that we call sinful acts are actually like pitfalls or potholes on a road to a destination. While some cars or vehicles remain at the point or spot of their falls on the road, majority still find their ways home. You may fall into temptation today, yet, you were not destined for that spot - that addiction or habit or behavior was not put there to stop you from your journey unto destiny; it was rather placed there to keep you awake from sleep-driving in life. You were destined for greatness and glory, and until you get there, you mustn't stop. Does it mean that there won't be potholes along the way? Of course not! However, you are expected to be guided along the way by the road sign posts - which have been divinely written and placed strategically to warn, teach, admonish, encourage and rebuke you. Do you know that road signpost for your destiny? It is the Bible, the Word of God. See this very quickly:

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

You can only be guaranteed of safety, speed and progress on your path of destiny if you make the word of God your best guide to avoid roadblocks, potholes and pitfalls. Sin is not something placed for you per se; you only enter into it because you were not well advised or guided against it. Read the Bible as regularly as you read your magazines, newspapers, emails, online articles and Facebook/Twitter posts. If you do, you will not be powerless against lust, desires and urges. God will help you only if you accept His eternal help - the Guide of destiny.

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The ABC of Holy Living: How To Dominate Sin
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