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No Beauty In The Flesh - No Beauty In Death: A Must Read For You!

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Self Growth          1894 Views         (Aug 05, 2017)

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 No Beauty In The Flesh - No Beauty In Death: A Must Read For You!

I understand that you may not want to think about death right now; I however, know that your life on earth as been predefined by God and it must in time come to pass. Therefore, I would quick share some thought with you before you sleep tonight.

If I may ask you, "Have ever seen any beautiful dead man or woman before?", "Have you ever seen any dead man or woman, who was well composed or presented?" You see, there is not beauty in the flesh and neither is there any beauty in death. 

Another word for flesh in this context is dirt - it is the material from which every flesh comes from and every flesh will go to. Anytime you see an abandoned flesh, whether of an animal or human; you will notice decay and rot. Overtime, rotten flesh becomes dirt on the ground. Hence, whatever is true of any dirt, is true of any flesh.

A man is said to be a spirit, who has a soul and lives in a body. That body of man is what is called the flesh, which comes out of dirt. The challenge however is, since the flesh came from the dirt, it shares in the inherent characteristics of dirt. That is, the strength and the weakness of the dirt also becomes the strength and weakness of the flesh.

However, I have observed that no matter how beautiful a man or woman appears; such a person's beauty is hardly from the flesh. The flesh in truth is merely an expressing covering of the man or woman's spirit and soul. That is, all the flesh does is to express the spirit and the soul. Therefore, a woman or man of beautiful countenance is a woman or man of a beautiful spirit, whose soul is expressed beautifully through her or his flesh (body).

You see, engaging in cosmetic surgeries will not make you really beautiful. And if you refuse to appear beautiful despite various attempts to tone your skin, eat good food and wear expensive cloths; it does not mean that those things aren't working; it only suggests that somethings are missing inside your body. You see, beauty does not originate from the body, it is only expressed through the body.


If you go around moody and frowning, your skin complexion not withstanding, you will rarely appear beautiful. You see, the expressions of beauty are hardly frowning or moody. They are the happy-looking, optimistic gestures, inviting or friendly smiles and the likes of them. 

The point is, you will need to put up certain appearances to appear beautiful. Does not tell you that real beauty is not in the flesh? If your mind must be properly set and your mood altered before you could appear or look beautiful, does not tell you that you should spend more time on your inside than your outside. Really, true and perhaps, lasting beauty is not in dirt, death or the flesh. You need a strong and lively spirit with soul to look or appear or really become a beautiful man or woman anyway you find yourself.

I hope to read or hear from you in the future on any matter that relates with your Identity, Purpose & Potentials. I am Gboyega ADEDEJI! 

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No Beauty In The Flesh - No Beauty In Death: A Must Read For You!
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