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Life Coaching: The 3 Laws That Will Change Your Life In 72 Hours

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Self Growth          2799 Views         (May 01, 2017)

 Life Coaching: The 3 Laws That Will Change Your Life In 72 Hours

Life is governed by the laws that were made for us or made by us - laws rule the world. Everything consciously and unconsciously fulfills different laws at different times for continuous survival. If I ask a group of 100 people to tell if they eat because they LOVE food, or because they REQUIRE (NEED) food; I believe the largest percentage will choose because they need food. Basically, we love to eat; however, our love for food is premised on our need for survival - that survival is a law on its own.

To survive, we must breathe oxygen every second; and we need as much water as possible. While all that may look like living to many of us; they also mean fulfilling the law to many of us too. There are laws that are known by us such as the law of motion, the law of gravity and many others, and there are laws that are unknown to us.

The amazing thing is that our ignorance of these laws does not in any way weaken or halt the operation of the laws; however, we maximize our access,  opportunities and living. That implies very strongly that laws governs whether we know about them or not; and the quickest way to get good or quick results that is sustainable overtime is to follow the laws that have been discovered.

While there are many laws around us, I have found three(3) that can cause instant change in the life of any man, woman or people. Do you know that age not withstanding, laws rules? Do you know that nobody is above these laws?

From the Bible, we realize that the words of kings are laws, and God, the King of kings said He has honours His word more than the names He is called. Words of the kings are irreversible, when God speaks, His words become the governing laws of the entire universe, and our moods or race notwithstanding, the laws operate themselves consistently.


The Change-Causing Laws

1. The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is from the acknowledgement of the true source. Each time you become conscious of the author, source, creator or revealer, or source of anything and you give him or her the requisite respect, honour and attention; then you are showing gratitude. 
We simply detest gratitude in our world. We consider everything to be byproducts of evolution; and we continuous assume that SOMETHING caused the existence of everything else overtime. We forbid mentioning God. When we succeed at any venture or exercise, we quickly attribute our success to our efforts and luck. We believe our nations are where they are because of the ingenuity of our fathers and mothers. We believe our safety on highways are rssults of our expertise and focus in driving.


However, the best of us have found that there is a God in heaven who rules over (leads in) affairs of men. Our efforts could scarcely make us wake up in the morning, let alone fighting our battles. We stagnates because we think we are in charge. If you therefore want your own life to experience instant turn around, then fulfill the law of gratitude by returning all glory over your life, marriage and business to God. God made you, and He is working things out for you - all He wants from you is your prompt and regular praise. Let the people praise thee o Lord, let all the people praise thee. So shall the earth yield her increase. The increase we all yearn for is in our gratitude. Each time we show sincere gratitude to God, we call for more. Each time we praise God and appreciate the people He brings to us daily, we ask for more - and more we will see daily!


2. The Law of Sowing & Reaping


As mentioned earlier, laws govern our conducts and our experiences as inhabitants of the earth. While there are many or them, there are three that can cause instant change in any man, woman, people or situation. We have discussed the law of gratitude, and to ensure that our expected change is instant, we would consider the law of sowing and reaping. Actually, while we think or believe we live daily, what happens in reality is that we sow daily, and we sleep and wake up daily to reap what has been sown years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and millisecond earlier. We sow so naturally that we often don't know when we so do. We sow so much that our lives are overwhelmed daily with the harvest of our sowing.

While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night shall not cease."

Genesis 8:22

Of a truth, the law of sowing and reaping is both real as it is potent on this earth. When we make choices between two or more options, we simply sow. When we make decisions, we actually sow seeds. And while there is a time for every seed planting, harvest comes shortly and lately after sowing. That is, while you can determine the time of your choices, consequences come on their own accord - you cannot make choice and also determine when consequence will come. Indeed, you cannot eat your cake and have it at the same time.

Every time we sow seeds, we cover them up inside the earth, waiting patiently for growth and eventual harvest. When we decide for or against anything, we are also expected to wait for the result of our decision. Many people want to become, yet many sow on a daily basis, the seeds of laziness, doubt, over-indulgence of self, pride, lack of contentment and addiction. The question is, can a person sow corn seed and expect to reap (harvest) yam over a period of time? Of course not! It is what we sow that we reap - and usually, in larger sizes.

To therefore experience quick changes in less than 3 days, the law of sowinv and reaping must be followed or obeyed. You must appraise you recent choices, decisions and commitments. What are you preferring lately, whose side have you been lately, whose company have you been keeping lately, how have you been spending or investing your time, resources and life? Each of these things have summed up overtime into your present situation. To therefore see new things happening in your life - even in these three days, review and rewrite your choices and decision. Ask questions! Review your commitments! And change your present addictions.


3. The Law of Priority (Focus)

Friend, I am not doubting your competence; neither do I think you are not gifted. What I also believe is that you were not created to solve every problem in your generation, family and organization. In fact, the responsibility of dominating the world that God gave to mankind was not given to just you - but all of us! The mandate "Be fruitful, and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it..." was not given to you as a person; it was given to us! The implication is simple, God did not expect you to be everywhere at the same time, doing everything. Instead, He plan is to have all of us be in different places at different times, doing different things well. What happens when an indiviual decide to be everywhere, doing eveything is nothing but pure stagnation and frustration.


Truly, there is place for you, and there an assignment assigned to you; God will not call you faithful for doing everything haphazardly, rather, for doing one thing well. There a thing assigned for you to do while you live on earth; why are you then getting busy on everything. The law of priority is the law of doing the first thing first. And I must say, mixing priority with focus, the law says that you mustn't just do the first thing first, you but stay doing the first thing. The first thing is the right thing - not things!

Nothing changes on its own, if you abandon the right thing, and you get busy doing many things rightly, you will not achieve the right progress that is without regret and emptiness. To experience instant change in your life, follow this law of priority and focus. Seek to master one thing and keep mastering it. You will not be celebrated for many things - only one thing! Have you seen a celebrity whose focus is on many things? An average celebrity is known for something! Even you must be identified for something - both while you are on earth and when you are long gone!

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Life Coaching: The 3 Laws That Will Change Your Life In 72 Hours
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