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Bukola Saraki: So Does It Mean The Senate President Can Now Contest 2019 Presidential Election?

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Politics & Governance          150 Views         (Jul 08, 2018)

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 Bukola Saraki: So Does It Mean The Senate President Can Now Contest 2019 Presidential Election?

What many Nigerian know to be true is that the President of the Nigerian Senate has a serious ambition to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Perhaps in view of that, he has been a subject and object of attack from any group, party or persons with vested interest in the same position.

Right from his emergence as the President of the Senate (June 2015), he began to face various trials at the Code of Conduct Bureau over false declaration of assets while being Governor of Kwara State in Nigeria. Although, the trial as been back and forth; from one SAN to another, the case has lingered till July, 2018.

While many people believe that his trial at the CCT has been a witch-hunt; some are of the opinion that the Senate President’s hand may not be clean after all. Some others also said, even if his hands aren’t clean; he is not alone in all these; as there are many more political office holders who are in the same case with me, yet not prosecuted by the FG.

The question before many Nigerians today is, “Can Mr Senate President Now Contest for Mr President Seat?” If the answer is yes (by the reason of the recent Supreme Court judgment); then, I wish President Buhari Goodluck!

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Bukola Saraki: So Does It Mean The Senate President Can Now Contest 2019 Presidential Election?
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Bukola Saraki: So Does It Mean The Senate President Can Now Contest 2019 Presidential Election?

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