Welcome to Nest Leader: My Goal is to Turn Followers Into Effective Leaders

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The world of sports is field with great celebrities who are making great contributions to their games. Behind these celebrities are loads of coaches. They are not seen; yet their efforts are celebrated in others. I intend to be just that for you!

Great leadership books have been written by leadership gurus around the world; however, there are yet many questions begging answers. Our leadership books are answers to those begging questions.

When I coach leaders, I work and walk with them to solve specific problems in their leadership. When I develop leaders, I work with men & women of potentials to see to their emergence in leadership

As Apostle Paul wrote "Him We Preach..."; I believe the success, growth and greatness of men and women are rooted in their establishment in Christ Jesus. So, I go around preaching Him to all men!

My Memories

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